Advanced Hygiene, Stain Removal

Air Flow Sparkle Polish : Stain Removal

A memorable experiences of tooth cleaning  and fresh breath with a choice of flavours of: Mint, Orange, Berry or Cherry.

Prophy Flex Stain Removal in London, Islington
ProphyFlex Tooth Stain Removal in Angel, Islington, London

We heard following comment after this treatment from most of our clients:

” My teeth have never felt this clean before! “

And we are used to receive the request of repeating it in the following hygiene appointment!

This technique  initially is used to remove stains built up on the teeth caused from tea, coffee, smoking, red wine and other food pigments which have been consumed over a period of time, however is the best to remove plaque and also giving the best polish to teeth surfaces. It works by air, water and natural SALT particles (Natrium bicarbonate) being projected onto the tooth surface. Salt particles can reach interdental, gum margin area and most inaccessible areas for brush or any other polishing system.

Although this is not a tooth whitening treatment, many clients have commented on how much whiter their teeth appeared afterwards.

Air flow cleaning is safe, quick and painless . It can be performed by dentist or hygienist at any Hygiene session.

If your last Hygienist session was more than 6 months ago,you are not a regular attender,  your teeth are crowded or stained, you are wearing braces, fixed retainer or have an implant, you will be offered an advanced cleaning using Air flow and sparkle polish instead basic scaling and polishing.




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