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What retainers do?

Orthodontic retainers play a crucial role in maintaining the alignment and integrity of your newly corrected smile.
You may need one or a combination of retainers explained below.

Maintain your perfect smile that you've worked hard to achieve with reliable and effective retainers. Broken or cracked retainers can allow teeth to shift, potentially leading to the need for unnecessary and  costly realignment or refinement.
Retainers need to be checked regularly to ensure they continue to function effectively. If you wear retainers and plan to visit us for a dental check-up, please bring them along so the dentist can assess their condition and make necessary recommendations.

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Consultation

Our trained dentists conduct thorough assessments to determine the most suitable retainer for your specific needs and preferences.

Precise Digital Scans

Using advanced digital scanning technology, we ensure accurate and detailed impressions of your teeth, facilitating the creation of custom-fitted retainers

Express professional

We understand the importance of timely solutions. With our express service, your digital scans are swiftly sent to the laboratory, expediting the manufacturing process of your customized retainer

Personalised Treatment Plans

to cater to each patient’s unique requirements, ensuring optimal results and patient satisfaction

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Types of Retainers

Fixed Retainers​

£385 per jaw

Bonded Fixed retainers


Provides continuous 24/7 support for teeth, ensuring teeth stay in their corrected position.

A durable option designed for long-term use.

Requires minimal upkeep and daily care


May be challenging to clean, requiring extra diligence for oral hygiene. (Super floss, TEPE)

To prevent damage, repair or replacement, crunchy foods

like raw carrots should be avoided.

Essix Retainers

£165 Per Jaw



Offers flexibility and ease of use for those who prefer a removable option
Crafted using advanced 3D imaging technology for a precise and comfortable fit
Simple cleaning and maintenance routines for optimal oral hygiene.


Requires discipline and consistency in usage to ensure effective results.
Prone to loss or damage if not handled properly.

Vivera Retainers

£695 for 6, £420 for 3



Crafted using advanced 3D imaging technology for a precise and comfortable fit.
Branded, enhanced durability and long-lasting performance.
Simple cleaning and maintenance routines for optimal oral hygiene


Requires discipline and consistency in usage to ensure effective results.
More expensive and only available in pack of 3.
Prone to loss or damage if not handled properly.

Hawley Retainers

£375 per jaw

HAwley retainers


Durable and long-lasting, providing reliable support for maintaining tooth alignment.
More expensive than other retainers.


The visible wire may affect the smile  aesthetics during wear.
Requires proper care and maintenance to prevent discoloration and the bacteria buildup.

All retainers are meticulously manufactured by registered specialist orthodontic laboratories to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained, however, retainers are subject to wear and tear, and their condition can be influenced by various external factors, such as bite force, or using inappropriate cleaning agents. As a result, we do not provide a guarantee for wear and tear, damage or loss.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Retainers

We utilize the latest intraoral scanning technology to create a digital impression of your teeth. This process is comfortable, accurate, and allows us to send your retainer design to specialist orthodontic lab quickly, ensuring a perfect fit without the need for traditional molds.

The turnaround time for your custom retainer varies from 2 to 6 days, depending on the type of retainer prescribed. Our use of digital impressions speeds up this process, ensuring you receive your retainer as quickly as possible.

To maintain your perfect smile, retainers should be worn for life. The duration each day can vary depending on your specific case and the recommendations of your orthodontist. This lifelong commitment prevents teeth from gradually shifting back to their original positions.

nvesting in and wearing a retainer is significantly more convenient and cost-effective than undergoing orthodontic treatment again due to relapsed misalignment. Retainers ensure your teeth remain aligned, saving you from the inconvenience, time, and expense of re-treating misalignment issues.

Yes, over time, your retainer may need replacement due to wear and tear, changes in your dental alignment, or if it becomes lost or damaged. The lifespan of a retainer varies; removable retainers typically last around 12-18 months, while fixed retainers can last several years with proper care. We recommend regular check-ups to assess the condition of your retainer and decide if a replacement is necessary to ensure your teeth remain in their ideal position.

We have a very low rate of retainer breakage due to the strict manufacturing protocols at our practice. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a warranty on retainers because numerous factors out of our control can contribute to their damage. This includes excessive bite force or accidental loss or damage, such as being misplaced or chewed by pets. While our retainers are crafted from durable materials meant to endure normal use, they are not indestructible against extreme conditions. We recommend treating your retainer with care and adhering to our usage guidelines to reduce the likelihood of damage.

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