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See how your smile can be transformed with transparent Invisalign braces at Angel Smile

Have you been wondering what your teeth could look like, if they were straighter, less crowded or had fewer gaps between them?

Start your smile transformation today with our new Invisalign SmileView Experience.

Invisalign clear aligners see your new smileScan the QR code in this poster (click on it to enlarge it) or use the Invisalign link above to be taken to the Smile View page. There, you can take a selfie, which will be used to show you your new appearance after the Invisalign treatment with our Invisalign specialist, Dr. Amin Amenien at our North London Angel Smile practice.

We can help you correct your crooked teeth fast, painlessly, and invisibly!

Why choose our Invisalign treatment?

Teeth straightening has a life-changing impact as it can improve your life quality by enabling you to feel more confident about your teeth. This modern orthodontic treatment is less invasive, more convenient with even shorter treatment periods. Read about some reasons why many of our patients opt for Invisalign braces:


  • Hardly noticeable clear aligners can be worn day and night, but also removed when needed.
  • Invisalign aligners are made of smooth materials rather than irritating metal wires. They are easily removable, which allows for more comfort when eating and easier oral hygiene.
  • Keep your teeth and gums healthy while brushing and flossing as usual during your Invisalign treatment.
  • Have straight teeth fast and without pain – our Invisalign orthodontist will use a digital scanner to assess your teeth. You will receive an animation of your current profile and the end result using the smart Invisalign software, planning your orthodontic treatment step by step. You will use a new aligner every two weeks based on your Invisalign treatment plan to move your teeth in the ideal position. We can provide 3 sets at a time for you to take home, which means fewer adjustments and appointments.
  • Invisalign aligners can be used by most age groups, even teens.


If you’re not sure yet, whether you’re a good candidate for the Invisalign procedure, complete the quick online self-assessment and you’ll find the answer.Straight teeth with Invisalign braces

When you’ve decided that it’s the right way toward straighter teeth for you, visit our dental practice near Angel station in London, where Invisalign expert Dr. Amin Amenien will talk you through everything you need to know.

You can then download the “My Invisalign Smile App”, where you can track your treatment as it’s synced with your Invisalign online profile. It even allows you to share your new smile journey on your social media.

Why straight teeth matter

Straightening your overcrowded or crooked teeth doesn’t just improve your mental state, but also your oral health:

  1. Improved oral hygiene – straightening your crooked and crowded teeth enables you to prevent the build-up of hidden food particles as realigned teeth will allow you to reach all corners of your teeth easily with your toothbrush. Plaque accumulation is prevented, and your oral hygiene is better.
  2. Better bite – the realignment of your teeth will enable you to have a healthy bite again and a better chewing experience.
  3. Protect your gums better – realigned teeth will lead to cleaner gums that will be protected from harmful bacteria possibly causing periodontitis.

It’s easier and more convenient than ever to achieve a stunning smile. So start your journey to a straighter smile now with Angel Smile.