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Innovation at Angel Smile – immediate dental implants with the latest Replicate System

Are you dreading to go to the dentist? Fear no more – at Angel Smile we can replace your tooth with a fast and less painful new procedure.

Recently, our top dentist Dr. Amin Amenien visited the German-based NDI (Natural Dental Implants) AG, that has introduced the revolutionary method of dental implants called REPLICATE (Immediate Tooth Replacement System 2.0).

The all-new tooth replacement system is known to feature the advanced system of Replicate Tooth. The innovation is that the replacement of a tooth is conductedby using a tooth that is shaped like the original tooth (to be replaced) and is 100 percent customizable with the latest technology. Dr. Amenien was very impressed and as he only wants to offer the best treatments to his patients, he introduces this new procedure at the Angel Smile practice.

Replicate Immediate Tooth Replacements – Transforming Your Dental Appointments

The dental implant Replicate Tooth is made out of titanium-zirconia material and features the Replicate Temporary tooth crown for protective covering. The protective tooth crown is a customizable tooth shield that has been designed for protecting the Replicate Tooth during the entire healing process. The all-new approach to the single replacement of a tooth is known to offer the patients an instant, minimally invasive tooth replacement technique that serves as an alternative to the conventional dental implants as well as three-unit dental bridges.

For most of us, attending a dental appointment is quite a challenging task. However, with the help of the new Replicate Immediate Tooth Replacement technique, the modern field of dentistry is changing, and it is changing for the better. The revolutionary dental technique allows your dentist to replace the tooth instantly, naturally, and easily.

How Replicate Immediate Tooth Replacement Works?

The innovative Replicate tooth replacement system turns out quite quick and convenient in comparison to conventional dental implants. The entire process can be completed in a matter of maximum six months.

In a typical Replicate process for the replacement of the tooth, the major steps are:

  • Imaging: At the first appointment with your dentist, a digital impression of the teeth is taken along with the three-dimensional X-ray. From a completely individual impression, the replication of your teeth will be constructed.


  • Replacement: During the second appointment with your dental specialist, the original tooth that needs replacement is extracted and is replaced with the New-dental-implant-procedure-at-Angel-SmileReplicate tooth. To protect the new Replicate tooth during the healing process, a protective crown on a temporary basis is bonded well with the adjacent tooth.


  • Healing: The new Replicate tooth would require around six months for healing while becoming strongly embedded in the bones that surround the tooth. During the given period, the dental specialist will provide in-depth instructions about the overall oral hygiene as well as diet & care.


  • Permanent Crown: Once your healing process is complete, the dental protective crown is carefully removed as well as replaced with the final permanent dental crown. The permanent dental crown for your tooth has been coloured to match the surrounding teeth.


Cost of the Replicate Tooth Replacement

As your individual treatment will be determined by the Angel Smile dentist, the overall price of the Replicate system for missing teeth or teeth falling out will be based on the type of treatment you will receive. In most of the cases, the overall cost of the Replicate system for tooth replacement is quite comparable to the overall cost of the conventional dental implant.

Restrictions on the Replicate System for Tooth Replacement

The Replicate System is known to be used only in case the original tooth’s root still remains in its place. At the same time, the dentist or your dental specialist is required to evaluate the surrounding bone structure of the tooth – whether it is healthy or not to accept the Replicate tooth.

For most patients out there, the only uncomfortable part of undergoing the Replicate tooth replacement procedure is getting the original tooth removed from the roots. This is done through local anesthesia. Once the old tooth gets replaced, the all-new Replicate tooth is placed into its place. Most of the patients report little to no discomfort during the placement process of the Replicate tooth.

Make the most of this revolutionary dental procedure and visit your Angel Smile dental clinic today!Best-dental-implants-experts