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Same day crown with CEREC machine

CEREC is a sophisticated CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing) system for same day restoring of damaged teeth in form of inlays, crowns, bridges and veneers. Using this advance technology, we are able to restore majority of broken and damaged teeth with textbook precision and natural appearance within the same dental session. CEREC technology allows you to visit your dental practice with a broken tooth and within a few (2 to 3) hours walk out with a High-Quality Ceramic Dental Crown, inlays, bridges and veneers all in one single visit.

There are 4 stages to making the crown using this technique. An appointment will be scheduled for a length period of time in the surgery. Instead of taking an impression, the dentist will scan the tooth using digital impression CEREC. After analysing the scan, the dentist will then spend time designing the crown. Once the Crown or Bridge is designed, it will be sent to the CEREC machine to be milled. Once the CEREC machine has finished milling, it will be time to fit the crown. If the dentist is satisfied then another stage would be needed for the Crown or Bridge to be glazed. This is done by putting the tooth/teeth in a furnace then the crown or bridge is cemented and your bite is checked.

There is no need to have a second appointment, no temporaries and no second-time injection. It is aesthetic and a biocompatible, metal free ceramic material. No impressions are needed (digital 3D scan of tooth instead).

Why we use only CERAMIC for restorations?

  • High aesthetic: beautiful natural look due to colour match.
  • Bond Strength: Considerably stronger attachment to tooth due to bonding mechanism.
  • Gum health: glazed ceramic surface provides less depository area for plaque accumulation.
  • Resistance to abrasion: wear & abrasion resistance is higher compared to composite.

We invested in this most advanced and accurate system in the world because we believe our patients deserve the best. Love your teeth, love your smile