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Dentures are false teeth constructed to replace missing teeth.  They are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues.  Conventional dentures are removable in form of partial or full dentures. However Implants are the best and most modern option to replace teeth, a denture can be used as semi permanent solution or  a temporary for transitional period we are waiting for implants to be integrated in bone.

Flexible Denture

Chrome Denture

Denture relining

Gum level changes particularly in the period following an extraction. As a result dentures may become mobile.
The denture can be relined to improve the fit, but this will make the denture heavier.

Fixatives to stabilize a denture

Dentures should be cleaned thoroughly  either with warm water or a specialist denture toothpaste.
using too much fixative may result in ‘oozing’.Using smaller amounts may provide better adhesion.
The amount used will vary between dentures. A good fixative applied in the morning should last all day!!

Over Denture

Partial dentures can sometimes move as underneath gums change their shape. Securing the denture to an existing tooth can be the solution. The partial denture then ‘clicks’ onto this to secure it in place.