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7 Advantages of Guided Implant Placement at Angel Smile London

If you’ve never heard of guided implant placement, you better listen up: the number of computer-generated surgical guides has been predicted to double from 15,000 being purchased in the US in 2012 to more than 31,000 in 2019 (2014 iData report) and this trend is also visible in Europe.

At Angel Smile practice in London we have been ahead of the game, using this innovation for years to enable our patients a safe, predictable and pain free dental procedure. We invest heavily in the latest technology such as “surgical navigation” or “cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT)” to provide the most accurate and individual treatment possible.


So, what’s special about guided implant placement?

It’s never great news having to replace a missing tooth and many people are anxious of this procedure.

Normally, a so-called free hand surgery would be applied to extract the old tooth and integrate the implant in its place. However, with the new guided implant placement the patient will enjoy the following advantages:

  1. safer and less complex surgery which in some cases requires only minimum incision of the gum
  2. shorter operation time, less discomfort, better healing
  3. Optimised aesthetic, function and hygiene of restoration due to advanced virtual planning and positioning
  4. Considering vital anatomy (e.g., nerves, tooth roots, adjacent implants) through the ability to visualize surrounding anatomy and planning the placement of a dental implant according to the ideal tooth position.
  5. Virtual surgery can result in better understanding of patient-specific factors. The software alerts the surgeon of any problem during the surgery and the implant can be repositioned to eliminate potential risk.
  6. Virtual planning allows patients to better understand their treatment options and risks through visualization of the intended results.
  7. Patients may only need a few simple painkillers to take for one or two days after surgery.

How does guided surgery work?

The amazing feature of this transparent dental technology is that it allows you to see your future teeth first in the virtual animation and the software decides where the best placement for your implants is positioned. This often makes our patients feel reassured, safe and better prepared for the surgery.


This digital data gained from your CBCT scan together with the intra-oral scan helps our expert in guided surgery, Dr Amenien, to virtually plan and select the appropriate length and diameter of your implants and to avoid interfering with vital structures such as nerves.

Dr Amenien carries out all measurements such as correct depth, angulation and other parameters virtually before he starts with your dental implant procedure.


Surgeon Dr Armenien, who is watching the whole procedure on a computer monitor, can virtually see every move while operating and make manual adjustments to stick with the preoperative plan.

Throughout the guided dental implant placement, the dentist refers to the “Surgical Guide” which is a tool for the transfer of the planned implant position from the computer to the patient’s mouth. This guide makes sure that the ideal implant position is found without damaging the surrounding anatomical structures within the shortest surgical timeframe possible.


Want to know more about guided dental surgery?

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