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Saving your teeth with root canal treatment – 4 gentle steps to success

root canal

Nobody wants to lose their teeth and with thorough dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups at your dentist you should be able to keep your natural teeth for the majority of your life. It is desirable to maintain your natural teeth for as long as possible.

However, injuries such as a cracked tooth or deep cavity damages can lead to your teeth becoming infected or inflamed. Such scenarios allow bacteria from your mouth to reach your pulp, the innermost layer of your teeth, which then leads to infection, swelling or the dying of the pulp’s vital tissue.

tooth root canal

Root canal treatment can be a good solution as damaged pulp tissue is being removed, cleaned and disinfected, a root canal filling is added and then it is sealed to avoid future infection or contamination. This will relieve your pain with immediate effect and stop the tooth from further decay.

See how the procedure works:

At Angel Smile Dental & Orthodontics in London we pride ourselves with offering the most cost-effective and gentle root canal treatment. See for yourself what we can do to save your vital teeth:

Step 1: first our team of root canal experts will take X-rays to determine where the decay is located and what the extend of this is.

Step 2: Once the diagnosis has been made by our root canal dentist and you both agree that a root canal treatment is the best solution to save your tooth, a local anaesthetic is administered to the affected area. You won’t believe it, but it’s true – our root canal treatment is no more painful than a filling!

Step 3: A procedure called pulpectomy will be carried out by our expert dentist. He will access the tooth’s canal, open it and remove the diseased tooth pulp.

Step 4: Finally, you’ll receive your filling. Our dentist will fill your roots that have been opened with gutta-percha material and seal them off with cement.

Before and after root canal treatment
Before and after root canal treatment

Along with appropriate restoration such as a crown or overlay, our root treatment can save your tooth as a functional part of your chewing system and reduces your cost. It is usually less expensive than extraction and placement of a bridge or an implant. And the big plus is you still have your own tooth.

Here at Angel Smile Dental & Orthodontics in London we use the latest techniques for disinfection of deep root canals and the latest Nickel Titanium rotary techniques, apex locators, operating microscope and warm condensation for filling. We want to ensure your treatment is successful and pain-free. That’s why additionally we offer free entertainment on our big screens or sedation during your root canal treatment in our London clinic.

Keep your teeth, keep your wonderful smile! Get in touch with us for a free consultation. We’ll provide you with expert advice on root canal treatment and the financing.