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Why good oral hygiene helps you stay healthy?

Making sure your gums and teeth are healthy can be vital for your overall well-being.

Research shows that there are clear links between periodontal disease and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and various nutritional deficiencies among others.

Gum disease, if not prevented or treated, can lead to additional illnesses like stroke, diabetes and heart disease. Gum disease has even been linked with problems in pregnancy and dementia, according to the NHS.

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That’s why you should ensure that you have your teeth and gums checked regularly. Many orthodontists in London offer a different levels of oral hygiene treatments, depending on the severity. At Angel Smile across from Angel Station in London we offer treatments for every need:

Looking to keep your teeth and gums healthy?

Prevention is key so have a session with our hygienists at least every 6 months to ensure your teeth and gums are checked and cleaned professionally. During this session your teeth will be scaled and polished and the hygienist assesses their condition. You will receive recommendations for your oral hygiene and dietary advice. If you get our Angel Smile Preventative Plan, you’ll get two free sessions a year!

Require a deep clean?

Our Air Flow Sparkle Polish treatment is perfect for people with stained teeth, which can derive from smoking, drinking lots of coffee or tea and so forth. The secret to this treatment is that the jet of air we use can reach into all the areas on your teeth and gums that can’t be accessed with a brush or any other polishing system. And it’s safe, quick and painless! That’s cosmetic dentistry at its best!

Need to go deeper with a laser?

If your gum disease is advanced, we can resort to laser periodontal therapy in conjunction with classical procedures of gum treatment. The laser gently removes plaque from pockets to disinfect and further eliminate bacteria, so your gums get back to the best state of health through its anti-inflammatory effect. This modern and less invasive laser technology allows bleeding, pain and swelling to be limited and leads to shorter recovery and healing times.

Want to make sure you’ve got EVERYTHING covered?

We are one of the very few practices in the UK offering a comprehensive genetic and microbiological analysis with our periodontal disease (gum disease) treatment allowing us to give you the very best and most effective hygiene plan. Genetic testing allows us to be able to record the levels of the gene which is responsible for severe inflammation, bone destruction and soft tissue loss. It is a big advantage to know which species of bacteria are present before treatment begins through our microbiological testing. Based on the results of your test we will adapt our management of your treatment, e.g. we might add certain types of antibiotics in conjunction with periodontal cleaning.

Don’t put your health at risk. Stay on track with your oral hygiene to keep well and happy.

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