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What does your dental hygienist do during your dental treatment?

Prevention is always better than applying the treatment when the disease is already installed.

In comparison to a dentist, the dental hygienist is the expert who will evaluate your oral health and apply preventive treatment.

The dental hygienists working at Angel Smile in North London have the necessary expertise and experience to offer advanced preventive care. Our scope is to help our patients have healthier gums and live longer without other dental problems.

Discover how our hygienists can help you and what a dental hygienist exactly does.

What is a dental hygienist?

Dental hygienist jobs involve preventive work. They evaluate the patients’ dental health and focus on identifying and treating any gum disease. A dental hygienist course trains any specialist on how to take care of teeth and gums by removing plaque and tartar.

Apart from helping their patients to take care of their dental health, hygienists also offer valuable advice on how to maintain a healthy diet. So, patients can use the instructions received to prevent tooth decay and maintain a healthy-looking smile.

As each patient is different, the dental team at Angel Smile is determined to tailor the dental treatment to our patients’ needs and ensure that they keep healthy gums and teeth.

What does a dental hygienist salary earn on average?

dental hygienist work in orthodonticsA dental hygienist salary in the UK depends a lot on their experience and portfolio. On average, a hygienist working in the UK will make around £30.25 per hour. RDH hygienists increase their chances of earning more money per hour.

In case you don’t know what RDH in dentistry is, it stands for Registered Dental Hygienist. So, if you choose to trust a Registered Dental Hygienist, it means that you will receive professional advice and hygienist treatment from someone who is educated and certified to provide professional oral health techniques.

What to expect when visiting a dental hygienist?

One of the first things that dental hygienists will evaluate when they first see you is to ask about your oral health history. They will also do a cancer screening and carefully examine how the skin around your mouth is looking.

Moreover, they will evaluate your periodontal health by looking closely at the skin around your gums. They will also check for decay and, in case there is any, they evaluate the extent and any other dental problems.

At Angel Smile, we pay increased attention to the standards we provide in our practice by offering different levels of hygiene sessions.

The first level involves primary polishing and scaling. During this session, we identify any plaque and tartar, and we remove it in one or a set of appointments. Therefore, we ensure that our patients have healthy teeth and gums.

The second level involves stain removal with Airflow. We also call this phase sparkle polish. We are proud to use this technique with high professionalism and amaze our clients when they notice that their teeth are so much cleaner compared to before. Thanks to Air Flow, we are able to enter into the inaccessible areas and remove any stains.

We also have clients who need more advanced treatment, especially when they suffer from severe gingivitis. Therefore, we apply a deep scaling treatment under local anesthesia. We know that our patients’ gum health is essential, but we also try to keep their pain level to the minimum.

For our patients who suffer from advanced periodontitis, we apply laser periodontal therapy. We use it in conjunction with standard procedures to help our patients get rid of advanced gum disease and live a healthy life.

Once the periodontitis is healed, our hygienists re-evaluate the patients’ health status after three months. Thus, if we notice that there are any resistant sites or persistent pockets, then we can decide to apply localized antimicrobial therapy. Therefore, we target the areas that have significant problems and apply localized treatment to solve the problem as fast as possible.

The final level of hygienic dental care that we offer at Angel Smile is surgical intervention for gum disease. Fortunately, the majority of cases can be solved without surgery. However, when such situations appear, our team of experts is ready to intervene and take immediate action. Our registered and experienced hygienists are able to apply surgical procedures and heal our patients’ gum disease.

Tackle your dental health and prevent dental problems

Regular appointments to the hygienist will help you prevent any gum diseases. You can say good-bye to toothaches, inflamed and bleeding gums, if you attend regularly and follow their advice.

The dental hygienists at Angel Smile are ready to share their expertise and help you make the smartest decisions when it comes to your gums’ health.