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4 top reasons for regular dental check-ups for your kids

As soon as your child gets baby teeth, you should start taking them for regular dental check-ups.

Why is such a routine important for children’s dental health?

They are exposed to cavities from a very young age. It is, therefore, crucial to establish a dental check-up frequency and prevent any dental problems as much as possible.

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Discover why you should implement a routine in children’s dental check-ups.

How to prepare your child for their first dental visit.

It is essential that your child feels comfortable when they go to the dentist.

Paediatric dentists usually have a child-friendly clinic, making children feel comfortable when visiting them.

However, you can also work with your child at helping them feel no stress when visiting the dentist:

  • Carefully plan the time of the day when you take your child to the dentist. If you want your child to cooperate with your family dentist, it is better to take them at a time of day when they had enough rest. A relaxed child who has had enough sleep will be more cheerful and open to listen to what the dentist tells them.
  • pediatric dentistMake the entire visit a positive experience. You should avoid words like pain or hurt. Instead, you can tell your child that the dentist has some special tools and all the procedures are pain-free. If you don’t mention any negative experiences and don’t talk in front of them about any pain, then your child won’t have anything to fear. On the other hand, you should remind them how important it is to keep their teeth healthy and take care of their oral hygiene.
  • Don’t forget to listen to what your child has to say. Usually, your child has worries about going to the dentist. They might hear from their friends about negative experiences at the dental clinic. You should encourage your child to tell you what he thinks about the visit. Also, the discussion after the appointment is critical. Pay attention to your child’s feedback and try to improve their experience during the next visit.

 4 top reasons for children visiting the dentist regularly

  • Teach your kids how to maintain their oral health from an early age

    Kid-brushing-teethAny experienced dentist for children will tell you that you should take your kids for a check-up at least once a year. Your children should get used to visiting the dentist regularly and understand how important it is to have healthy teeth.

    With regular visits to the dentist, you will help your children to have a positive attitude towards dental appointments. They will feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair and easily understand how to clean their teeth and keep them healthy.

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  • Prevent tooth cavities

    The most significant advantage of regular dental check-ups for children is to prevent tooth cavities and decay. Regular check-ups will diminish the risk that your child will develop severe tooth cavities.

    By having constant discussions with their family dentist, your child will know how to keep their oral health up to scratch. So, your kid will stay away from any unwelcomed tooth pain, which can cause them discomfort and lack of concentration.

  • Ensure that the kids’ teeth develop correctly

    Starting with the age of 6 months or as soon as the first tooth appears, specialists recommend to start taking your child to the dentist.

    In case your children have crooked or missing teeth or any other orthodontic problems, your dentist will be able to check that and ensure that everything is developing correctly.

    Regular dental check-ups will help the dentist identify immediately any fluoride deficiency. Thus, they can take immediate action and recommend an appropriate solution to ensure a proper fluoride intake.

  • Help your child become comfortable with the dentist

    It is not easy for a child to feel comfortable in a dental clinic. The noise coming from the dental tools and the specific smell can make any child anxious.

    Visiting your family dentist twice a year together with your child will make any anxiety disappear. Your child will trust their dentist and will visit them full of comfort and confidence.

Regular dental check-ups do more than just clean teeth

Regular dental check-ups will help you prevent any dental issues that might affect your child’s oral health and hygiene. This is also an excellent opportunity to make your child responsible for keeping their teeth clean and healthy.

Call Angel Smile for an appointment and share your needs and questions with us. Our dentists are here to offer preventive care and help your child have healthy gums and teeth for a healthy future.