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How To Become Confident With Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth always take away the joy of a good smile. The affected is trapped under shame and may even deliberately avoid social events just to avoid smiling. Even worse, you may have troubles with oral hygiene as the less straight teeth are, the harder it is to brush and floss them. However, recent research and developments have shown there is a reason to start smiling confidently again.

Crooked teeth occur for a variety of reasons:

  • Your teeth may shift as you age.
  • You may experience tooth loss due to earlier poor oral care.
  • You may also lose your teeth via accidents.

However, there is a silver lining for those living with crooked and misaligned teeth. Latest developments in dentistry have made it possible to correct your smile.

No one in the whole world is perfect

Embracing yourself, with all your flaws, goes a long way in getting that self-confidence boost back. A change in attitude might work wonders in getting to smile more and be proud of who you are. Corrective dental measures might help you get better teeth, but they might not change how you think of yourself. Self-acceptance should be applied to all aspects of your life, not only to your smile.


The professional dentists and orthodontists at the N1 Angel Smile practice perform many corrective procedures on patients with crooked teeth. Here are some of the options that you may consider:

Conceal your Crooked Teeth with Veneers

One of the options to consider is to cover your teeth with porcelain shells. What are dental veneers, you may ask. Dental veneers are tooth coloured wafer-thin shells that usually cover your teeth. They are mostly used in cosmetic dentistry to conceal imperfections of teeth like cracks, discolouring or gaps in between.


Dental veneers, under recommendation by a dentist, might be used to correct misalignment or crookedness of your teeth. You will truly get a better and straighter smile. Not to forget the confidence boost that comes with it.

The veneers can be of two types:

  • Porcelain veneers – These are the gold standards of veneers. They have the best sheen, look and shade for a perfect smile. They are custom made to fit to adjust to your symmetry and style. Though they are excellent ingredients for a perfect smile, they are expensive. Porcelain veneers may cost £550 to £1200 per tooth.
  • Composite veneers– These are low-cost veneers made from composite materials that are used to fill your teeth. They offer a quick and reliable solution to cover up the chipped and cracked teeth. They restore a stronger and more natural look to your teeth

Benefits of using veneers

  1. The custom-made shells can fix crooked and worn-out teeth with gaps.
  2. They can whiten your teeth giving them an improved aesthetic look.
  3. They provide a stronger and more natural look for the perfect confidence boost.

Cons: They can be a very costly option

Get your teeth realigned using orthodontics

Veneers have been reported not to correct or straighten teeth. As a corrective measure to bring the self-confidence back, braces might pan out to be a better option. Orthodontic treatments can become a life-changing experience for you.

InvisalignModern treatments are less invasive, more comfortable and even allow for shorter treatment spans. You will resemble a killer smile, display more confidence and additionally it will result in better oral hygiene. There are a variety of dental braces to choose from for your orthodontic treatments. They include:



  • Traditional braces – They are characterised by the fixed brackets, wires and elastic bands that gradually move the teeth to a new position. You may be stuck for a few years with the metallic smile. In the long run, the crooked teeth are realigned and the journey to the smile makeover begins.
  • Damon braces – they are a set of self-litigating braces that use the slide mechanism to hold the wires in place. They are less noticeable and offer a shorter treatment plan. However, they come with a high price tag.
  • Invisible aligners – Modern technology has provided us with customizable, clear aligners that are used to correct crooked teeth. Companies such as Invisalign have come up with less noticeable braces. They can be removed for easier eating, brushing and flossing.
  • Lingual braces– They are placed on the inside of teeth. They are easily customizable and are an ideal option if you are self-conscious of a brace showing.

Benefits of fitting braces

  1. Improved levels of oral hygiene
  2. Over- and underbites are corrected.
  3. Your straightened teeth provide you with a beautiful smile to be proud of and support your mental and physical well-being.

Cons: Some people are not comfortable with visible braces.

Overcoming issues with crooked teeth

Having a positive attitude will help bring back your lost confidence. Corrective procedures such as braces and veneers will help bring back that straighter smile to your face and by that support your self-image. Feel free to visit Angel Smile London at our London dental practice at 41 Islington High Street, N1 9LH, London.