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4 health consequences of missing teeth

Tooth decay or trauma can eventually lead to tooth loss. Restorative procedures like dental implants, bridges and dentures, are usually the best long-term solutions, however, the cost of such dental restorations may be daunting and prevent some people to opt for it.

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Why you shouldn’t delay having your missing tooth/teeth replaced?

Tooth loss can have detrimental effects on your physical and mental health. It may lead to additional and more severe health issues, which could affect your overall well-being.

4 health consequences of missing teeth:

  1. Speech issues: To some people’s surprise your teeth play an important role when speaking. Large gaps between teeth can impact the pronunciation of words and even make you accidentally spit when talking! Obviously, this also affects your self-esteem
  2. Problems with chewing: Our teeth help us gnashing the food we eat. Some missing teeth, especially at the front, can make it more difficult for you to bite off and chew your favourite foods such as tougher ones like meat. Your digestion can be impacted negatively by this, resulting in problems like acid reflux.


  1. Jaw bone loss: Our natural teeth help support the bone of the jaw just as a workout helps stimulate our muscles. Missing a tooth, your jaw lacks stimulation and starts to recede. Our modern dental implants at Angel Smile fuse with your bone and offer it the support it requires to remain healthy.
  2. Improper bite: Bite irregularities caused by missing teeth and gaps can impact the health of your remaining teeth, your gums, your head and neck as well as your jaw muscles. The teeth left in your mouth can shift, which changes the way your upper and lower jaw come together to bite and chew. Headaches, muscle pain, unnatural wearing of the teeth, tooth loss and sensitivity can be possible health consequences. Our orthodontics services can help to correct your bite again.

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