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What is Same day restoration?

Same-day restoration of a tooth refers to the process of restoring a damaged or decayed tooth in a single dental appointment. This approach utilizes advanced technology like CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) systems, allowing dentists to design, fabricate, and place restorations like crowns, veneers, or inlays/onlays in just one visit.


Time Efficiency

Same-day tooth restoration significantly reduces the time required for the entire restoration process. With CAD/CAM technology, the design, milling, and placement of the restoration are completed in a single dental appointment, saving patients the inconvenience of multiple visits.

Immediate Results and Convenience

Patients benefit from immediate results and the convenience of having their damaged or decayed tooth restored in just one visit. This eliminates the need for temporary restorations and reduces the overall time and effort involved in the dental restoration process.


Our Goal

In the event of a chipped tooth, we prioritize your urgent needs and strive to accommodate same-day appointments. We understand the potential embarrassment associated with a broken front tooth and are committed to providing prompt professional care to restore both your dental health and confidence.

We need to assess the tooth taking a radiograph and also testing its vitality to exclude root fracture or need of a root treatment. As you see in the video clip above, depending on extension of the broken area we can use composite filling (resin), veneer (ceramic) or a crown (ceramic) to restore the chipped tooth. We do our best to match the shade and contour of these restorations with your own teeth so that it looks and feels natural.

Number of Sessions

Typically 2-4 sessions tailored to your needs.

Procedure Duration

Same day to six months
depending on the case


High quality composite fillings starts from £240

Why we are the right choice?


No need for a temporary

No second appointment

No need for a second injection


Prepare for the procedure with our guidance and support

Implant Procedure

Undergo the carefully planned and executed implant procedure.

Follow-up Care

Benefit from our comprehensive post-procedure care and guidance

Why Choose Us?

Highly trained and skilled implant dentists dedicated and well know to providing exceptional care

No cutting corners or compromise; only high-quality materials, advanced technologies and reputable laboratories to ensure long lasting results.


Time and cost saving. The latest and most advanced ultra-low-dose CT scan in the world available in-house. No need to book an additional visit to radiology clinic and extra costs, as it will be fully credited in our dental implant treatment plan.


Adherence to strict cross-infection control protocols, ensuring the highest standards of patient safety.

Digital workflow and computer-guided surgery for precision, safety and comfort

Cost issue? Finance your treatment to spread the cost. (*T&C apply)

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Holistic Approach

Immediate implants when possible for maximised preservation of natural tissue.
keyhole surgery when possible for minimally invasive procedures
Minimized grafting when possible for optimal patient comfort and reduced recovery time

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Same Day Restoration

Yes , We can, your tooth will be scanned using a high resolution camera instead of taking an impression. You can observe your own restoration being designed by computer. You will see your restoration being milled within 10-15 minutes, all in our practice without need of a laboratory. Watch the video

For our busy clients it may be very difficult to book another appointment soon after first one. With Cerec there is no need for a second appointment. Also there is no need for another injection ( all in one session), No impressions needed (digital 3D scan of tooth instead)


Since there is no need for a second appointment, you do not need any temporary which may break or discolour.


We can choose between different ceramics which are long lasting, highly aesthetic and biocompatible.
Keeping your own tooth is important, however if saving of the tooth is not possible or has very poor long term prognosis, then the only option we have is to remove the tooth.

Endodontic  (root canal) treatment, along with appropriate restoration ( Crown or Overlay) , is a cost-effective way to treat a tooth with damaged pulp and is usually less expensive than extraction and placement of a bridge or an implant. Placement of a bridge or an implant will require more time in treatment and may result in further procedures to adjacent teeth and supporting tissues.


Root treated teeth serve millions of patients all over the world years and years after treatment. These teeth are helping patients chew efficiently, maintain the natural appearance of their smiles and enhance their enjoyment of life. We do our best to keep your natural teeth for your lifetime.

replacing Amalgam filling before 300x232 1replacing Amalgam filling after 300x232 1

There are many options to restore a tooth. Just to reassure you: we do not use amalgam (mercury containing filling material) in our practice. In most cases the best material to restore a tooth is ceramic. some reasons are:


  1. It is highly aesthetic:a beautiful natural look due to colour match.
  2. It has high bond Strength: Considerably stronger attachment to tooth material due to thebonding mechanism.
  3. It is healthier for gums : glazed ceramic surface provides less depository area for plaque accumulation hence no irritating factor for gum.
  4. It is highly resistance to abrasion and wear compared to composite.


Ceramic restorations are made in the laboratory following the impression is taken and sent to them. They cast models, make your tooth and send it back, a procedure which usualy takes 7-10 working days. That’s why you need a second appointment for fit ( cementation/ bonding) of your restoration. We can offer you “same visit ceramic restoration” a service you will not find in majority of practices……


We invested in this system since we believe our clients deserve have the bests available in modern dentistry.

Clients deserve have the bests available in modern dentistry.

best material before 300x230 1 best material after 300x230 1


CEREC is a sophisticated CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing) system for same day restoration of damaged teeth, in form of inlays, overlay, crowns, bridges and veneers. Using this advance technology we are able to restore the majority of broken and damaged teeth with textbook precision & natural appearance within the same session & bring your smile back. We use metal free, highly aesthetic, tooth coloured biocompatible blocks of CERAMIC to create inlays , crowns, bridges and veneers.


We invested in this most advanced and accurate system in the world because we believe our clients deserve the best. 30 Years of clinical studies have shown these extremely beautiful and high biocompatible restorations have even better long term results than many of the crowns made by technicians at the laboratories.

We wish you a beautiful smile always

Love your teeth, Love your smile.

For our busy clients it may e difficult to book another appointment so soon after the first one. With Cerec there is no need for a second appointment. Also no need for another injection (as all done in one session) No impressions needed (digital 3D scan of tooth instead)


Since there is no need for asecond appointment, you will not need any temporary which may break or discolour.We can choose between different ceramics which are long lasting, highly aesthetic and biocompatible.

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