Painful Mouth?

Minimize risk of Emergencies with regular dentist visits

If you are in pain or discomfort don’t wait too long.  Decay in early stages can be treated with a simple filling. Leaving it may cause pain, possibly ending up as a root canal treatment and need of a much bigger restoration. Feel free to contact us and we will  arrange a non- binding assessment session as soon as possible to locate the source of  pain, and advise you on how we can help. However our offered treatments are not binding.

We respect your choice on how, when or where you wish to proceed.

Tooth Abscess

Gum infection (Pericoronitis)

Painful Mouth

There are many causes of oral problems including decay, trauma, and infection of teeth, gums and other tissues in the mouth. Tooth and gum pain, bleeding or painful ulcers, tooth fractures, increased sensitivity to hot or cold and oral or facial swellings are just some of the signs of potential  problems.

Having efficient brushing, flossing, regular checkups and hygiene sessions, we can prevent most of these or detect and stop them in early stages, therefore managing to treat with simple or less extensive  procedures.

Some common dental symptoms are:  Tooth pain from decay,  abscesses, broken fillings and teeth.  Gum infection and inflammation from loose teeth, wisdom teeth or even mouth ulcers.

Root Treatment Premolar Tooth

Root Treatment Molar Tooth

root canal treatment anglesmile emergency dentist

Root canal treatment under microscope by Dr Dennis Aydan in central London

Root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain, it relieves pain. The mis perception of root canals being painful belongs to the time when no anaesthesia existed in dentistry. Root canal treatment today is no more uncomfortable than having a filling placed.

Some patients see their dentist when they have a severe toothache. The toothache can be caused by damaged pulp in the tooth. Root canal treatment is the procedure that removes the damaged tissue and thereby relieving the pain you feel.

Another option will be Extraction or Pulling out the tooth. However saving your natural tooth, if possible, is the very best option. Nothing can completely replace your natural tooth.

Keeping your own tooth is important, however if saving of the tooth is not possible or has very poor long term prognosis, then the only option we have is to remove the tooth.

Endodontic  (root canal) treatment, along with appropriate restoration ( Crown or Overlay) , is a cost-effective way to treat a tooth with damaged pulp and is usually less expensive than extraction and placement of a bridge or an implant. Placement of a bridge or an implant will require more time in treatment and may result in further procedures to adjacent teeth and supporting tissues.

Root treated teeth serve millions of patients all over the world years and years after treatment. These teeth are helping patients chew efficiently, maintain the natural appearance of their smiles and enhance their enjoyment of life. We do our best to keep your natural teeth for your lifetime.




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