Same Day Crown Dentist

Single Visit Dental Crowns and replacement of Broken Tooth

The Video Below shows the impressive cerec technology we now also have in the UK which allows you to visit our Dental Practive with a broken tooth and within 2 hours walk out with a High Quality Ceramic Dental Crown.

It allows us to provide same day dental repairs including Cerec Crowns, Cerec inlays, Cerec Veneers and Cerec Fillings at our London Dental Practice all within one single visit.

Why do we use the CEREC system?

  • No impressions needed (digital 3D scan of tooth instead)
  • No temporaries, No second appointment, No second time injection needed ( all in one session)
  • Highly aesthetic & biocompatible metal free ceramic material used
  • Long lasting (high streangth)

PROCEDURE: Following preparation, your tooth will be scanned using a high resolution camera. You can observe your own restoration being designed by computer. Minutes later, you will see your restoration being milled within 10-12 minutes, all in our practice without need of a laboratory.

Cerec Broken Tooth and Restoration examples

Before:                              After:
Same Day Dental Crowns - Before Treatment         Same Day Dental Crowns - After

Why we use only CERAMIC for restorations?

  • High aesthetic: beautiful natural look due to colour match.
  • Bond Strength: Considerably stronger attachment to tooth due to bonding mechanism.
  • Gum health: glazed ceramic surface provides less depository area for plaque accumulation.
  • Resistance to abrasion: Wear & abrasion resistance is higher compared to composite.

Before:                                  After
14       161

What is the CEREC Dental System?

CEREC is a sophisticated CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing) system for same day restoring of damaged teeth in form of inlays, crowns, bridges and veneers. Using this advance technology we are able to restore majority of broken and damaged teeth with textbook precision & natural appearance within the same session & bringing your smile back.We use metal free, highly aesthetic, tooth coloured biocompatible blocks of CERAMIC to create inlays , crowns, bridges and veneers.

We invested in this most advanced and accurate system in the world because we believe our patients deserve the best. 25 Years of clinical studies have shown this extremely beautiful and high biocompatible restorations have even better long term results than crowns made by technicians at the laboratories.
We wish you beautiful smile always. Love your teeth, Love your smile




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