Interdental Brushing

An interdental brush, also called an interproximal brush or a proxy brush, is a small brush, typically disposable and supplied with a reusable angled plastic handle, used for cleaning between teeth and between the wire of dental braces and the teeth. In this animation the TePe interdental brush is used to clean in between teeth. Turning the brush on insertion will help access. Used daily, it removes plaque and food debris where your usual brush cannot reach. For spaces at the back of the mouth, bend the brush in a slight curve but never at right angles, this will help you access the more difficult-to-reach areas. Intedental brushes are available in a range of widths. to help to clean different sized spaces.

Interspace Brushing

Periodontal disease causes pocketing around the necks of the teeth. Left undisturbed plaque bacteria thrive in these pockets causing the pockets to deepen. A standard toothbrush is not able to access these pockets. An Interspace brush can access these pockets and disrupt bacteria. Regular use will discourage disease-causing bacteria from accumulating.




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