Dry Mouth

Xerostomia is the medical term for the subjective complaint of dry mouth due to a lack of saliva.
Saliva is produced by the salivary glands in the mouth. It naturally protects the teeth, washing away plaque, debris and neutralising acid. A reduction or absence of saliva can be caused by a number of factors. Reduced saliva flow can lead to more plaque and debris build up which can increase the liklihood of dental disease such as bad breath and a dramatic rise in the number of cavities, as the protective effect of saliva’s remineralizing the enamel is no longer present, and can make the mucosa and periodontal tissue of the mouth more vulnerable to infection. It can also make eating, talking and wearing dentures uncomfortable. Xerostomia is also common in smokers. BioXtra has special products to help alleviate symptoms and provide care and comfort.




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