Cosmetic dentistry and white fillings

Cosmetic dentistry and white fillings

Broken or decayed parts of teeth need to be restored to regain function and aesthetics whilst also stopping bacteria from penetrating inside the pulp, resulting in pulp infection. Reconstruction of broken parts of teeth particularly in front is a cosmetic emergency. Metal fillings were in the past the most important material used to restore the shape of a back tooth and regaining its function, however today we use highly aesthetic tooth colour composites and different ceramics to restore damaged teeth.

Tooth-coloured restorations allow a tooth to be filled with a strong chemically bonded material that can be matched to the colour of your tooth, making the filling appear nearly invisible. These natural white-coloured bonded fillings are 90 to 95% as strong as a natural non-cavity healthy tooth.Tooth-coloured restorations are bonded to remaining tooth structure, as compared to silver/amalgam restorations, which are “locked” into tooth structure. This property of resin restorations makes them a very conservative approach to tooth restoration because less drilling of the tooth is required to secure the filling.

The benefits of tooth coloured restoration are

  • They contain no mercury
  • They bond very well to the teeth with less drilling than metal fillings which require undercuts to keep them in place.
  • They are more aesthetically pleasing
  • They cause less long term fractures than silver fillings (Amalgams)
  • They have less long term sensitivity than silver filings as they have no metallic particles.

A natural looking tooth can only be made by incorporating the perfectly imperfect edges and ridges found in one’s real teeth. At Angel smile our dentists pay superb attention to detail.




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