Changing Smiles

Changing SmilesA great Smile is a major social asset. It is worth a  thousand words.

It can create an aesthetically pleasing and lasting impression. It can change lives and also change relationships.

Life is too short to hesitate or hide our smile from people. We love happy  people who freely smile at us. It is the best present and it is contagious. It opens doors.

If you are blessed with a beautiful smile you know what I am talking about.  If you are hiding your smile then you should know that your great smile may be closer than you think. Of course some cases need more work but it is worth an  assessment to know what can be done for you.

Smile makeover involves cosmetic procedures aiming to improve the smile. The definition for a great smile is very individual. Some of us wish to have a perfect Hollywood celebrity smile, while others may just wish to have a simple improvement like whitening of discoloured front teeth or alignment of one rotated front tooth.

There is a wide spectrum of treatment available, from recontouring of gums and repositioning of lips, replacing fillings with a new matched colour, new crowns and veneers also,and replacing  missing teeth with implants or bridges. We can even use special cosmetic fillers in lips to enhance the overall look of the smile.

Understanding and listening to your concerns, expectations and wishes is the base and most important part of treatment I provide. I listen to you, analyse, discuss and offer different solutions that may be applied to improve your smile however I always ask you to choose the option and respect your decision and the choice for treatments offered. Some of dental problems are as below:

Masking with restoration materials which could be composite or ceramic.

Eroded front teeth

Restorations with 6 veneers following gum recontouring

Misaligned and Disproportioned Teeth

Aesthetic gum reshaping/recontouring using LASER, directly after operation, compare right (recontoured) and left (lower gum lines covering neck of teeth creating difficult to clean pockets).

Redness will heal within 24 hours.

Long and uneven gum levels

If you are happy with size and contour of your teeth and wish just lighten them, then withening is a good choice for you to improve your smile.

Minnimaly invasive treatment by  combining change of old fillings and withening

Old Fillings and yellow teeth



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